Maintaining Your Transmission To Avoid Repair

Transmission repair can sometimes be avoided by doing routine maintenance on your vehicle. There are also some steps you can take when driving to help avoid excessive transmission use, which can cause overheating and ultimately, repair. Here are some tips you can use to keep your vehicle's transmission running smoothly, while helping you avoid costly repairing or replacing.

Check The Fluid

Many people routinely check their vehicle's oil and tire pressure, but fail to check the transmission fluid. Make it a habit to check the reservoir each time you check your engine oil. If you notice the fluid is a deep red color, rather than a medium pink shade, your transmission fluid may be dirty and should be drained and replaced.

If it seems that the fluid is not up to the fill line, pour more in the reservoir so it is full, and keep a close watch on the ground beneath your vehicle. If you should notice puddles, your transmission lines may be leaking, meaning it is time to bring your vehicle to your mechanic to have them replaced.

Failing to keep your transmission reservoir full with clean fluid can cause your transmission to run without proper lubrication. This can be extremely harmful and can cause need for an entire transmission replacement.

Watch Out In Slick Conditions

If you get your vehicle stuck in mud, snow or ice, instead of trying to free it by shifting from drive to reverse, over and over, change your tactics. Place something underneath the fronts of your wheels, such as cardboard or your floor mats. This material will allow your tires to grab, instead of spinning without gripping. Rocking your vehicle back and forth by using the gears to slow and speed up will ruin a transmission.

Change Driving Habits

If you find you drive roads where there is a constant stop and go traffic pattern, consider switching your route once in a while to ease up on your vehicle's transmission. Every time you push the brakes to slow down, you will need to push the gas to accelerate, making the transmission flip-flop from low to higher settings very quickly.

Another driving habit you can change is the use of downshifting. If you find you are going to be coming to a stop, place the vehicle in neutral until you can figure out what speed you will need to drive after the initial slowdown. Downshifting excessively can cause wear to your transmission. Contact S & A Transmission for more information.