First Time At An Auto Salvage Yard? How To Be Efficient and Safe

There are a lot of valuable parts that can be pulled from auto salvage yards at much more affordable rates than parts stores, but you need to be careful out there. Rough metals, sharp surfaces, and difficult-to-remove parts can turn a relatively simple removal into an all day affair that could send you to a first-aid box or the emergency room. Before heading out to a salvage yard for the first time--like Teddy Bears Auto Parts & Salvage Inc--keep a few preparation and removal practices in mind to save time and stay safe.

Head Out With Safety Gear

If you're reaching into used, wrecked, or old cars, keep in mind that there may be some conditions that aren't safe for your eyes and hands. Twisted metals from wrecks, broken glass, or other jagged forms of damage can ruin your hands if you reach in and try to rip out old parts; and, your eyes could be in danger if you drop something.

A pair of safety gloves and goggles rated for working with sharp objects such as barbed wire can help you pull out what you need without tearing your fingers apart. Although the gloves can make things a bit more difficult to grip, you can simply put on the gloves when you need to do some heavy pushing or pulling inside the vehicle. It's vital that you bring this safety gear because some yards will require you to sign a liability waiver before you enter.

Watch Out for Pests

Keep an eye out for pests that could cause harm. If you're going to a salvage yard that happens to be near a few trees, there may be hornets or wasps nesting under the hood, beneath the seats, or anywhere that could provide a good binding point for hives. Snakes could also be seeking a cool place to live if the salvage yard is out in the country. It's a simple task to ask the salvage yard if they've checked for snakes while keeping an eye out yourself. Wear long pants and sturdy closed-toed boots to protect yourself from bites.

Research The Required Tools

Some parts may take screwdriver sizes and types that you may not have on hand. The auto salvage yard may have the tools available, but it's best to have the equipment yourself so you can begin work as soon as you find the parts you need.

It's good to have a full tool set with cross tip, flat head, star, and hex key screwdrivers available. These are four common screw types that are found in most vehicles, and having a decent spread of large and small tools can help you tackle most issues.

If you need to remove an engine, keep in mind that the engine will need to be lifted out of the hood and into a loading vehicle. Make sure to ask the auto salvage yard for assistance beforehand or have your own lifting system ready before attempting removal.

Contact an auto salvage yard to find out what vehicles are available to find the parts you need.