Have A Junk Car To Get Rid Of? Do It The Eco-Friendly Way

Sometimes, your old car is not going to be worth the money it takes to tow it to the dealer and to be used as a trade-in. However, you do not want to have it sitting around your house taking up room and creating an eyesore. When this is the situation, contact an auto salvage company and ask about their policies for parting the vehicle out. Make sure they are going to get rid of all parts of the auto in an eco-friendly manner. Here are a few things to ask about.


If the car's battery is still good, you could take it out yourself to save as a spare. If the battery is going with the car, ask what they will do with it. They should be able to refurbish it and sell it as a working battery, but if not, they will separate the materials and have them recycled. Any remaining acid in it will be neutralized and then disposed of as hazardous waste.


All the glass should be removed and recycled. This will include broken pieces or shards. Keep in mind that auto glass is comprised of layers of glass fused together with plastic. This means that it will not break down as readily in the landfill, if it does at all.


There is a lot of plastic in junk cars. Some parts can be taken off and sold to people who need them as replacement parts in other vehicles. An auto salvage company will also remove all the other pieces and take them to the recycling plant.


Used motor oil, lubricating oils, and coolant can all be drained from the vehicle and filtered. They can then be recycled. The oils can be used to make synthetic motor oil, and the antifreeze can also be reused. These hazardous wastes should never be allowed to go to a landfill or just dumped down a drain.

Part of your responsibility to the earth is to make sure all your unwanted items are disposed of in a way that will not harm the environment. Instead of taking your old, unwanted vehicle to a landfill or junk yard, contact an auto salvage company, like City Auto Wreckers. Not only will they give you a bit of money for it, you won't have to pay to have it towed anywhere, and you can be sure that all the pieces and parts will be reused or recycled.