Buying Lights And Electrical Parts For Your Boat Or Trailer

The electrical components used in a boat do essentially the same as those used in other automotive applications but there are some differences in the parts themselves. Getting the right parts means shopping at the right store and not just any auto parts store will have what you need if it is going to be in a wet environment.

Shopping The Right Places

The first thing you need to consider when you are getting parts for your boat or boat trailer is where you will go to get them. The best option for you to buy parts that are going to work on a boat is at a marine supply store. The parts they carry are made specifically for water and are typically sealed differently than standard car parts. 

There are a lot of auto parts stores that do carry marine parts so if you do not have a marine store in your area, check with your parts store but make sure you let them know that you need parts for your boat and that they need to be marine rated. If they don't have marine parts, don't buy the parts through them or you could end up with something that gets wet and stops working while you are out on the water.  

Electrical Parts

There are a lot of electrical parts on a boat and if you do not get the right ones, they can short out and cause a lot of issues in other parts of the electrical system. Buying marine electrical parts means things like light fixtures will have additional seals on them to keep the water out of the lights. Other components may also have special seals or the joints coated in a silicon sealer to make them watertight.

Engine Parts

Engine parts for marine motors are another thing you really need to be sure you have when you start replacing parts on your boat motor. Some boats use automotive motors but the starter, alternator, coils, and electrical wiring need to be specifically designed to work when they get wet. 

If the boat is in good shape, you should not have a lot of water getting into the engine compartment but if you do have a wave come over the boat, everything needs to be ready to deal with the water. A good bilge pump in the bottom of the boat will help, but even that needs to be wired to a water proof circuit box so that nothing shorts out if water gets in.