Locating The Correct Rebuilt Engine For Your Truck

Rebuilt diesel engines are an option for trucks that need to upgrade or replace an engine with a lot of wear on it. Finding the correct engine is vital, and buying a rebuilt engine is a good option. But there are several places you can get these engines, and most offer different options and price ranges.

Factory Replacement Engines

One of the most straightforward solutions for replacing the engine in your truck is remanufactured diesel engines that you can purchase from the manufacturer through a dealership or parts vendor. These engines are the same used when the truck is assembled, but instead of being brand new, they reuse the block from an engine that was replaced and then recondition it and replace the internal parts with new ones. 

Many times remanufactured diesel engines carry a warranty and will look and drive like a new engine in your vehicle. The cost is lower than a new engine, and the installation is relatively simple because it is a direct replacement. Many repair shops can put a remanufactured engine in for you, or you can do it in your garage if you have the tools, equipment, and knowledge to do the work. 

Most manufacturers also offer performance engines as options, so if they have Powerstroke engines for sale, for example, they may also have models that look and fit the same as the basic engine but internally offer more horsepower or more torque for trucks that do a lot of towing or hauling. These engines are more expensive but could be perfect if you need a little more versatility and power. 

Rebuilt Diesel Engines

Another good option for replacing the aging diesel in your truck is to purchase a rebuilt diesel engine from an engine builder in your area. Shops that specialize in rebuilding engines will take used engine blocks in and run them through a cleaning and inspection process to ensure they are in good shape before using them. These blocks become the base for the engine rebuild and can be used for replacement engines or performance engines that offer more power and torque than the standard engine. 

Most engine rebuilders will already have engines assembled ready to purchase and install in your truck, but they also can rebuild your engine and create engines with custom specs for the customer if requested. The process of rebuilding the engine takes some time, so purchasing an engine designed for your truck is sometimes the best option if you need the replacement engine quickly. Most engine rebuilders will give you a discount in the form of a core credit if you bring them your old engine after it comes out of the truck. 

The rebuilder will reuse the engine block from your old engine in other projects, which holds some significant value to a company selling rebuilt diesel engines.