Time To Scrap That Old Car? Three Ways The Recycled Parts May Live Again

It's time. Your old clunker just won't turn over any more. Selling it to a scrap yard will usually bring in a bit of cash. Even better, many junker car parts can be recycled. Below are three ways your old car can "live again." Industrial Uses of Scrap Metal Melted scrap metal from old cars is used to make new steel. Some of it is made into sheet metal  to build new cars and some types of aircraft.

Have A Junk Car To Get Rid Of? Do It The Eco-Friendly Way

Sometimes, your old car is not going to be worth the money it takes to tow it to the dealer and to be used as a trade-in. However, you do not want to have it sitting around your house taking up room and creating an eyesore. When this is the situation, contact an auto salvage company and ask about their policies for parting the vehicle out. Make sure they are going to get rid of all parts of the auto in an eco-friendly manner.

Find A Cheap Car For Sale That Needs Work? What To Consider Before You Buy

If you are interested in a buying a vehicle that is listed as needing some work, but you think fixing it would be worth the investment, you want to know how much it will cost to repair the vehicle before you make an offer. There are times when a car owner doesn't want to pay to fix a vehicle, and they would rather just sell it and let someone else deal with the repairs.

Sending Your Teen To College In A Questionable Car? What To Pack So They Don't Get Stranded

Your teen is headed to college and you worry that their car isn't going to be very reliable. What can you do? There are some items you may want to put in the trunk to make sure that they have what they need in case they get stranded or if they start having car problems. You don't want your teen to have to call a tow truck or rush to the mechanic unnecessarily, which can cost a lot of money.