Regeneration And Cleaning Of The Diesel Particulate Filter

Since 2007, diesel engine manufacturers started putting diesel particulate filters (DPF) in exhaust systems. These filters are wonderful for the environment, filtering out tiny soot particles from the exhaust before they can get into the atmosphere. However, if not properly maintained, they will require repairs that are quite expensive. Avoiding these costly repairs is a two-step process. The first process is regeneration, and the second step is cleaning it. Regeneration

How To Check Your Garage Door Sensors And Make Simple Repairs

If your garage door isn't working, one cause could be the safety sensors near the bottom of the door. One sensor sends a beam to the other one as a safety measure. If the beam is broken, it might mean a person or a pet is under the door, so the door won't operate. The problem is the sensors could get dirty or short out, and that keeps your door from working.

First Time At An Auto Salvage Yard? How To Be Efficient and Safe

There are a lot of valuable parts that can be pulled from auto salvage yards at much more affordable rates than parts stores, but you need to be careful out there. Rough metals, sharp surfaces, and difficult-to-remove parts can turn a relatively simple removal into an all day affair that could send you to a first-aid box or the emergency room. Before heading out to a salvage yard for the first time--like Teddy Bears Auto Parts & Salvage Inc--keep a few preparation and removal practices in mind to save time and stay safe.

Two Signs It's Time To Replace Your Honda's Engine Control Unit

Your Honda is made up of a number of intricate parts (such as the hondata s300) that all work together to power your vehicle. Given the number of parts found within your vehicle, it's fairly easy to overlook certain components. This is especially true when it comes to the engine control unit, or the ECU. The ECU is the heart of your vehicle's on-board computer. A malfunction within this unit can cause a number of problems throughout your vehicle.

The Slippery Facts about the Oil in Your Car

When shopping for oil for your car, you'll notice a couple of aisles dedicated to this slippery substance in your local auto supplies store. All oil is not alike and each of them have a particular purpose. Here is the low down on motor oils and why it's important to pick out the right one when changing the oil in your car. What Oil Does for Your Engine Ultimately, oil is about managing the heat in your engine.

Car Savvy: Is The Problem A Vacuum Leak? Find Out & Fix It

Air moves in and out of your vehicle at exact ratios for proper combustion. The vacuum hoses are there to help the air get to your engine. But these hoses can fail, develop cracks or become loose, which can affect performance. The following guide will teach you how to diagnose a vacuum leak and how to deal with it. Signs Of A Vacuum Leak The following could indicate a vacuum leak:

Fuel Injection System Repairs: How To Remove Your Fuel Injector

The fuel injector is an important part of your fuel injection system, which helps to carry fuel to your engine. This type of part includes a valve and nozzle for spraying the fuel into the combustion chamber of your engine. If it is failing, you might need to remove it and make room for a new one. Here are instructions for removing it so you can replace it with a new one.

Maintaining Your Transmission To Avoid Repair

Transmission repair can sometimes be avoided by doing routine maintenance on your vehicle. There are also some steps you can take when driving to help avoid excessive transmission use, which can cause overheating and ultimately, repair. Here are some tips you can use to keep your vehicle's transmission running smoothly, while helping you avoid costly repairing or replacing. Check The Fluid Many people routinely check their vehicle's oil and tire pressure, but fail to check the transmission fluid.